Real Estate Property Management



Administrative Services



1.       Receive and handle telephone, fax and e-mail inquiries, including maintenance calls from Co-Owners and Board Members.


2.      Prepare and file forms and reports, including:

a.         Michigan Annual Report

b.         Other


3.      Initiate and maintain the following files:

a.         Individual Co-Owner or building files

b.         Association general business files


4.      Prepare and distribute formal notices to the general membership upon the direction of the Board of Directors:

a.         Annual Meeting packages

b.         Budget and assessment packages

c.         Payment coupons


5.      Send out welcome packages to new and resale Co-Owners
         to include:

a.         Introductory letter from Stamper and Company

b.         Procedures on assessment payments

c.         Payment coupons

d.         Internal Association policies as developed by the  
  Board of Directors and/or Committees


6.      Distribute copies of the Master Deed and By-Laws to new
         Co-Owners (resale only)

when requested.  Copies of the Master Deed and By-Laws to be supplied by Stamper and Company at a charge for copying to be paid by the Co-Owner.


7.      Prepare and distribute (as necessary) unit status reports
         showing the following    information, if requested:

a.         Name and address

b.         Unit numbers

c.         Occupancy status

d.         Garage or carport status

e.         Miscellaneous coding, if applicable

f.          Unit type

g.         Telephone number

h.         Assessment amount


8.       Answer all Association correspondence sent to Stamper and Company or as directed by the Board of Directors.


9.       A Stamper and Company representative will attend
          selected Board and/or Committee meetings annually.


10.     In the event of a By-Law violation, Stamper and Company
         is to write the violating Co-Owner a letter of notice at the
         written direction of the Board.


11.    Work with the Board of Directors in formulating or
        revising Rules and Regulations, which are consistent with
        the Master Deed and By-Laws.


12.     Remove the burden of everyday administration from Board members, Committees, and non-professional employees.


13.     Host and update Association web site upon approval of the Board of Directors, to include, but are not limited to:

a.                  Links

b.                  New and Archived Newsletters

c.                  New and Archived Meeting Minutes

d.                  Master Deed and By-Laws or other   
           Governing Documents

e.                  Special Notes and Reminders as Provided by
           the Board of Directors