Real Estate Property Management






Specialized: Stamper and Company has specialized in Association management from its inception.  We have been able to develop distinctive programs in the areas of accounting, administration of Association affairs and documents, maintenance to the common elements, and preventative maintenance programs for Condominium and Homeowner corporations.  We have learned through past experience how to effectively respond to and resolve most management needs of Associations.  We feel the keynote to our success and untarnished reputation in the property management profession is our positive attitude towards service and responsiveness to the residents and to the Board members.


          Independent Third Party: Because Stamper and Company  is not part of the voting process in any Association, we are able to act as an independent third party in evaluating recommendations or management decisions that the Board currently has under advisement.  All too often differences of opinion between Board members can act as a divisive and negative influence on Board work as a whole.  We have more than once, for our clients, acted as a mediator or have perhaps offered a point of view, which has not been raised before.  If the Board of Directors is going to employ a consultant (i.e., management company), it is important that the consultant make recommendations based on his/her expertise and not what the client necessarily wants to hear.


Stability and Continuity:  Since Board members are volunteers of the Association, who are not paid for the time they spend in managing the Association's affairs, most Board members do not view their role as a long-term proposition.  Therefore, the Board is constantly undergoing a change in character, personality, and make-up.  The Managing Agent is a paid professional whose job is to advise and counsel the Board of Directors for as long as the Association remains an Association.  The various personalities that make up the Board are of no significant importance to the Agent, as the Agent's client is the collective Board.  Thus, the Agent benefits the Association by being the Board's Managing Agent regardless of changes in the Board of Directors.

Experience: Kenneth S. Stamper, Certified Property Manager, Todd K. Stamper, Amber Amey and Thomas Bilinski, licensed Real Estate Professionals and Certified Property Manager Candidates, and our administrative and accounting team represent over seventy-five years of multi-family housing experience.  Our affiliations with industry related organizations keep us abreast with the changing times and has created broader horizons to make management decisions. 


Stamper and Company’s long term involvement with other similar properties builds knowledge that can be applied expeditiously as specific needs arise.  Stamper and Company’s daily exposure to the market place provides the Board with a broad overview of costs, practices, and techniques, which prove economically advantageous to the condominium.


More Than People: Stamper and Company is more than just a company or person. It is the spirit of professionalism from individuals who are dedicated to resolving problems. Individuals who use the experience as a foundation and not a crutch. Individuals who, together, constitute the team of professionals that are the nucleus of Stamper and Company.