Real Estate Property Management





Stamper and Company currently employs three full time bookkeepers, with a combined 30 years accounting experience, specializing in residential and commercial real estate management.  Stamper and Company’s bookkeepers use accrual method accounting to track each property’s income and expenses.  Accrual method is the accepted accounting method in the accounting industry.  All Reviews and Audits are completed on the accrual basis.  


Each bookkeeper is responsible for the intake and processing of all payments received, the paying of all invoices received, and the collection of all outstanding monies owed.  In today’s strained economy, all to many community Associations are seeing a high rate of delinquencies.  Stamper and Company bookkeepers, work on a daily basis, in conjunction with each Association’s individual attorney, to collect upon delinquent owners and are kept abreast of all legal issues as it relates to collections.  


Beyond processing a monthly financial report the accounting staff also prepares title company paperwork to ensure Association’s are paid at closings, prepares a proposed budget for the Board’s review, orders the coupon books at an Association’s fiscal year end for distribution, shop interest rates for CDs and the like so that Associations see the highest return on their invested funds and assist the independent CPAs in the completion of the annual Reviews and tax returns.


Please click on the link below to view a sample Stamper and Company financial report.


Sample Monthly Financial Statement