Real Estate Property Management



Certified Property Manager



Property managers deal with the owners and properties of a large section of the investing public.  In 1934, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) was established for the management men and women who specialize in operating the real property of others.  Since then, this organization has sought to protect the interests of this large public by raising the standards of management and training in the profession.


To safeguard against questionable practices and to improve the services property owners get from property managers, IREM has initiated many safeguards.  These safeguards include recorded and disseminated information on property management, sponsored educational courses, rigid tests, and standards established for competency and integrity.  Those who meet the requirements of IREM and are accepted as members, are authorized to identify themselves by the designation CPM, meaning Certified Property Manager.


CPM is an individual designation, conferred upon qualified individuals by IREM.  The CPM is identified as a professional because he or she has made a personal commitment to maintaining standards of excellence in the property management field.  In addition, CPMs have backed up that commitment by investing time and effort in obtaining both the experience and specialized education essential to professional performance and necessary to earn the designation.


The CPM designation is well known to property owners, investors, financial institutions, and government officials, as a sign that a property manager is willing and is expertly equipped to do the best job possible.  A CPM is a dependable and competent real estate manager, selected with careful regard to personal honesty and professional standing.  CPMs have creditable records of experience and have demonstrated that they have executive skills in dealing with real estate management problems.  The designation CPM will guide the property-owning public to competent management help.


STAMPER AND COMPANY is led by a CPM that has held this distinctive designation since February 2, 1975.