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Stamper and Company was founded in 1980 on the strong belief that property managers must offer well-rounded expertise in a number of areas.  The areas of main concern are: accounting (financial reporting), on-site operations (maintenance) and administration.


One of the prime factors in the destruction of a management firm is non-controlled growth.  Growth that is not goal oriented or controlled breeds a lessening of service due to the watering down of personnel and systems.  The Stamper and Company philosophy is one of management by objective, rather than management by crises.  This philosophy keeps our personnel at their optimum level and our systems geared for the present.


Stamper and Company has developed long lasting and solid relationships with its clients largely due to our ability, positive professional attitude, honesty and high level of service.


Since we are a full service organization, it is usually not necessary to go outside our own office to find answers to complex problems.  A Certified Property Manager leads our top management team.  Your development will be directly under the supervision of this top management professional.  You will have a Property Manager who is responsible directly to you, giving you the advantage of dealing with a single professional.