Real Estate Property Management



Work Order Coordinator



Stamper and Company created the Work Order Wizard (WOW) system for the processing of work orders submitted by owners.  WOW is one of a kind and encompasses all of the needs of a community Association to see a work order through from start to finish and has the ability to print specialized reports for the Board of Directors.  The WOW system and work orders are handled through a Work Order Coordinator. 


For all non-emergency work requests, each owner in an Association receives five work order forms, which are a two part form, with a work order number provided.  Requests can also be submitted online and a work order number is then assigned.  Once a work order is received by Stamper and Company’s office, the following procedure is followed:


1.      Work Order is entered into the WOW system.

2.      Work Order Follow Up card is sent to the 
    owner stating which of the following actions
    have been taken.

a.  Work has been assigned to a contractor and the time frame for completion is given.

b.  Work has been put to bid and a time frame for bid review is given.

c.  Work has been placed on a wait list for future consideration.

3.      Once work is completed and an invoice is submitted:

a.  A Completed Work Order Follow Up card is sent to the owner, asking if they were satisfied or unsatisfied with the work performed. 

1.  If the owner is satisfied the invoice is paid.

2.  If the owner is not satisfied, the invoice is held and the contractor is called back out.